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Coaching is an influence process that leads to discovery, decision making, performance improvement, and better living.


High-performance Coaching is about how you can reach long-term success while maintaining your wellbeing and relationships along the way. My goal is to help you feel fully engaged, joyous and confident in all areas of your life so you can enjoy the journey too.

Focus Academy Day

All about Motivation

Stephane Browet

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B&W Road

This full day training focuses on your personal growth and on interpersonal relations in dental practice. You get a deep understanding in what drives and motivates people and you will be able to implement the learned concepts and techniques on 3 levels :

1. Your personal motivation,

2. The motivation of your patient,

3. The motivation of your team.

Price: € 495,-

Mountains in Clouds

Discover more about
Certified High Performance Coaching

Are you interested in accelerated growth towards sustainable success in Life AND Business on a 1-2-1 level?

High Performance Coaching Modular Program 2025

The most advanced coaching program for dental professionals.

Stephane Browet

Stephane Browet Pic DB_edited_edited.jpg

More info coming soon

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