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Crown-guide bootcamp

Price: € 720,00

EARLY BIRD* € 650,00

  • Learn the indications for immediate implant placement

    • How to communicate with the periodontologist and the lab

    • Collect adequate information for correct planning

    • How to analyse a 3D-planning and give feedback

    • Bone- vs prosthetic driven implantation

    • Step-by-step guided implant procedure

  • Prosthetic choices after immediate single implant placements

    • How to create the provisional crown out of the crown-guide

    • Hands-on scanning and provisional crown making

    • SSA and Temporary Crown making/adapting

    • Choices for the definitive restoration

*Early bird until 6 weeks before start date

  • From basic to advanced digital dentistry

  • Learn to scan with any scanner through comprehendible protocols

  • Scan on teeth & implants, full mouth, quadrant or sextant.

  • Learn to work with the most used digital files and how to open, send  and receive them

  • Learn how seemingly difficult cases can be made feasible through using digital protocols

  • Gain a lot of scanning experience by exercising under our guidance in at least 50% hands-on training with various systems

Digital bootcamp

Price: € 1.350,00

EARLY BIRD* € 1.250,00

*Early bird until 3 months before start date

Posterior Indirect bootcamp

Price: € 720,00

EARLY BIRD* € 650,00

  • Caries and crack removal in heavily mutilated teeth.

  • Adhesive build-up through correct and simple adhesive procedures

  • The concepts of deep margin elevation

  • Preparation guidelines

  • Immediate Dentin Sealing concept

  • Impression taking: digital vs analog

  • Thermo-modified luting protocol vs dual-cure adhesive luting systems

  • Finishing & polishing protocols

*Early bird until 3 months before start date

  • We present you a series of Webinars with international speakers, all experts in their field of practice. 

  • Three or more Webinars to be expected.

  • 1,5 hours of presentation, including Q&A time.

  • More info to be announced in the second half of 2022.

Dental Bootcamp Webinars

2nd Half 2022


*Early bird until 3 months before start date