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Unique Launch Event - 17/10/24

Dr Valentin Vervack and Stephane Browet will bring you a unique perspective on Direct Posteriors. It takes two to tango. Style Italiano Meets Bio-Emulation. This is your chance to update your direct protocols with the Best of two Worlds.


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Getting a dental anesthetic is a mix of fear and relief. As the needle approaches, you're tense, bracing for pain. Then the numbness sets in, and the fear melts into an eerie calm, leaving you feeling strangely detached. You can't help but laugh at your earlier dread—until the next appointment rolls around."



Using a dental dam feels like entering a new world. The rubber sheet and clamps evoke unease, a reminder of vulnerability. But as the procedure unfolds, it creates a small island of calm, highlighting the delicate balance between fear and trust in these intimate moments.

Isolation Duparc FR Promo.005.jpeg
komet drill.jpeg



Tooth preparation with burs is like navigating a delicate dance. The whirring sound and pressure against enamel initially evoke caution, a reminder of the intricacy involved. Yet, in the dentist's skilled hands, it transforms into a meticulous art, shaping with precision and care. It's a poignant reminder of trust in the process, where caution meets the skilled hands that craft our smiles


Composite Layering

Composite layering is like crafting a miniature artwork. Each resin layer is meticulously applied, blending shades and textures with precision. It's where dentistry meets artistry, as the dentist sculpts natural contours and gradients to restore a tooth's beauty and function seamlessly.

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The Matrix

A dental matrix is like a snug cage around a tooth, holding everything in place during restoration. It provides a sense of confinement and protection, akin to a butterfly in its chrysalis. Within this structure, precise work unfolds to shape and restore with care, highlighting how constraints can foster transformation and renewal.



Polishing a tooth is like adding the final touches to a sculpture. After all the meticulous work, the smooth, shiny surface brings everything together, highlighting the beauty beneath. It's a moment of satisfaction, where the tooth gleams with renewed vitality, reflecting the care and precision that went into its restoration.




Occlusion is like the harmony in a symphony. Each tooth must align perfectly, balancing pressure and movement. When everything fits just right, it creates a seamless, pain-free bite, ensuring every function works in concert. It's the subtle yet crucial alignment that underpins the health and comfort of your entire mouth.

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9:00-9:30       Ontvangst met koffie en licht ontbijt.
9:30-11:00     Lezing + Live Demo
11:00-11:30   Koffie
11:30-13:00   Lezing + Live Demo
13:00-14:30   Lunch buffet
14:30-16:00   Lecture + Live Demo
16:00-19:00   Walking Dinner with Bubbles* 

*Let us know if you can't stay :)

Discover the Location

In the Yard

Business Center nabij Gent

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